Lexium PAS PAS41BR

range of product Lexium PAS
product or component type Portal axis
product specific application For 1 direction
load position On carriage
drive type Toothed belt
guide type Roller
operating position Horizontal
function available Different types of sensors for the limit switch function
Protective metal strip
Different types of motor mounting
Different types of carriage adapted to the load
Anti-static belt
1 to 3 carriages
Anti-corrosion version proof enhance
operating force <= 300 N for Fx
<= 660 N for Fy
<= 430 N for Fz
maximum actuation speed 8 m/s
maximum acceleration 20 m/s²
drive torque <= 4 N.m
torque value <= 5 N.m for Mx
<= 11 N.m for My (carriage type 2)
<= 28 N.m for My (carriage type 4)
<= 17 N.m for Mz (carriage type 2)
<= 43 N.m for Mz (carriage type 4)
operating travel 125…3000 mm
repeat accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
outer dimension 40 x 40 mm
mechanical service life 30000 km
Contractual warranty
Warranty period 12 months

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